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All our controllers come with extended research and development to provide you with the best custom modded controller. We provide the largest variety of modes and make our controllers built to last. Premium Controllerz will give you the competitive edge to dominate while playing your games. Custom Modes Include: 1: 3 Round Burst 8/sps 2: 5 Round Burst 12/sps 3: RF 6.5/sps Gears of War - Hammerburst 4: RF 7.35/sps COD & BattleField: MK-14, Sniper 5: RF 8.33/sps Gears of War - Pistols 6: RF 9.62/sps COD & BattleField: Pistols 7: RF 12/sps All Games 8: RF 14/sps COD & BattleField: Semi-Auto Rifles 9: RF 16/sps GTA / Red Dead / COD / Left 4 Dead 10: RF 20/sps Halo Series 11: SMG/LMG Burst 12: Quick Auto Aim RF 10/sps 13: Crackhead Bob Auto Aim 14: LT Aim RF 8/sps 15: Drop Shot / Stand 16: Drop Shot / Lay 17: Drop Shot / Auto Aim / Stand 18: Jump Shot - Autos 19: Gunny Hop RF 8/sps 20: Dual Akimbo RF 8/sps 21: Dual Akimbo RF 12/sps 22: Wild Bill Akimbo 8/sps 23: Quick Scope RT 24: Quick Scope LT 25: Auto Aim Lock Zombies 26: Juuju Hop 27: Juuju Hop RF 10/sps 28: Juuju Voodoo (SPS = Shots per second. Can vary with different games.) (RF = Rapid Fire) Compatible with all games included Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Destiny, Overwatch, GTA and More.


Xbox Series Custom Modded Controller (Purple Lava)

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